Our Story

The word “Poa” is a Swahili word, meaning “everything is cool”. It’s often used in a greeting amongst friends, similar to naming the cafe “Bien”. In Tanzania, Africa, “Mambo”, asks “Hey, how’s everything?” and the response, “Poa”, means “it’s all cool”.

Poa Cafe was inspired by a late 2013 volunteer trip to Tanzania, Africa, with my then 6 year old. Mealtime and morning market strolls created a magical experience that will never be forgotten, and a new passion was created.

Poa’s foundation is healthy food, family and friends. The magical qualities of sharing a meal bring people together. From it’s medicinal value and ability to break down cultural barriers, the power of sharing a meal cannot be denied.

Upon our return to the states, and fired up by Tanzania’s community spirit, Poa Cafe was born- and “everything is cool”.